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Black Shark FunCooler 4 Pro [Original Set | Import Set]

Manufacturer: Black Shark
►Sudden drop of 40℃
►Ultra-low noise
►non-polar intelligent temperature control
►Tension upgrade clamping more stable 1 support interface more live
►Black Shark ice sealing refrigeration technology, breaking through the cooling bottleneck, ingenuity to create 40℃ Professional no-load cooling, boot quickly icing.
►At room temperature of 25° C, the temperature drops to 0 °C in 30 seconds, and the temperature can drop to -15°C.
►27W power upgrade, more powerful cooling
Newly upgraded semiconductor frequency conversion refrigeration technology, full blood 27W high power, with customized
TEC cooling chips, up to 40°C and down to -15°C, fast and durable coolen
►comes with two sets of RGB lights
Inspired by the propulsion tail flame of the interstellar spacecraft, the RGB lighting effect of the fuselage was upgraded
►Dual NTC overtemperature protection - automatic power off safety
Built-in double NTC overtemperature protection, real-time monitoring of the back clip internal temperature, beyond the safe range
►Automatic power off, extend service life, use more assured.
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