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Picture of Doublepow USB 1800MWH Rechargeble Batery (AA) 4PCS

Doublepow USB 1800MWH Rechargeble Batery (AA) 4PCS

►USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES - Whether you're camping or at home, you can simply charge them with a single USB port. No need to buy batteries frequently. No messy cords & cables. There's no need to carry a separate charger or worry about finding your cables.

►LIMITLESS RECHARGING OPTIONS: These Batteries charge anywhere there's a USB port. This gives you hundreds, if not thousands, of different options to quickly charge your batteries.

►UNDENIABLE VALUE: Because every Battery gives you over 1000 charges, you'll save a lot compared to buying disposable batteries. It could be used for toys, game controller, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, remote and so on.

►BATTERY TYPE: AA Rechargeable Batteries USB,lithium battery, 1800mAh.

►All of our batteries are designed to have a long lasting life. However we understand that nothing is perfect so please reach out with any issues and we promise to take care of you.
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